Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving! Now that we've come down from an exhausting - but oh so rewarding - day of cooking, cleaning, decorating, socializing and eating we'd like to extend a huuuuuge amount of gratitude to the farmers and producers who made this meal, and so many others, possible.

Union Square Greenmarket and Grow NYC for such an amazingly well organized and super accesible market.
Violet Hill for their lovely foraged mushrooms and the most flavorful turkey ever!
Flying Pigs Farm for the best sausage and bacon we've ever tasted.
Grazin Angus Acres for the best beef, period.
Catskill Merino and 3-Corner Field for their whole-animal sheep/lamb products.
Arcadian Pastures for their artfully cut and pastured meats.
Migliorelli for so many beautiful apples, leeks, and root vegetables.
Race Farms for all things apple.
Eve’s Cidery for the best hard cider, and their inspirational label design.
Windfall Farms for their unconventionally awesome greens.
Cayuga Pure Organics for their nutty local flour and sweet corn meal.
Ronnybrook for their sweet butter and rich milk.
Hot Bread Kitchen and Bread Alone for their awesome dedication to the art of bread making.
Cato Corner and Consider Bardwell for their impeccable cheese and thoughtful suggestions.
Berried Treasures for their insane and educational array of potatoes.

Until next meal!

Sorry, there are no pictures of dessert... it was all gone before we remembered to take any!

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