Great Plates: Rush Creek Reserve Farmstead Cheese

This past Monday night we headed out to Crown Heights for an amazing meal created by Sweet Deliverance and the Underground Food Collective. A few years ago, Jake went to a couple life-changing dinners by the Wisconsin-based Underground Food Collective with his friend Cecily Upton, co-founder of FoodCorps. They were his first real exposure to that kind of local, community-oriented food culture and he was blown away! The food was amazing, the stories were beautiful, and the people were energetic and engaging. Needless to say, we were pretty pumped when we heard there'd be another.

After stepping into a simply decorated and incredibly warm space, with seating for around 75 and an open kitchen of busy chefs, we were handed a fantastic Concord Grape Rye Punch and small plates for house-cured charcuterie and pickles. We claimed a couple seats, caught up with some friends and sat down to a perfectly balanced and beautiful meal. The seemingly endless courses (7 to be exact) were made up of of lots of offal, goat, some black silky chicken, and lots of wonderful salads and slaws. The meal wound down with a rare soft raw-milk cheese from Uplands Cheese in Wisconsin. IT WAS INSANE. We couldn't help but buy a wheel, and we're trying very hard to save it for a special occasion. But we'll see about that...

Thank you, Underground Food and Sweet Deliverance, for an amazing, inspiring and delicious evening!

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