Field Trip: OFF Bootleg Buying Club

If you've been reading along you may remember when, in late November, we wrote about participating in a beautiful “Pig Party” at Old Field Farm in Cornwallville, NY. At the end of the post we mentioned that "this [was] the beginning of a very exciting partnership” and on March 1st that partnership was officially premiered! It took two exhausting and exhilarating months of planning, meetings, recipe development, and branding but we can proudly say the OFF Bootleg Buying Club launch party went off without a hitch!

The event featured an awesome range of products from the farm - fresh eggs, tea bombs, maple syrup, garlic, tinctures, honey, dried mushrooms and herbs - as well as books and a gorgeous line of hand-made pottery by the artist Paula Greif. Silka also developed a line of thin and crack-ly crackers baked with lard from OFF pigs, available plain or brushed with bacon fat! The crackers were made to pair with OFF value-added pork products, like an amazing rillette which was served at the party. And man oh man did they pair! A bite of rillette schmeared on the bacon fat-laced lard crackers was a mind-blowing pork experience! On top of all that pork eatin', Jake premiered his "Lard Shabbos Candles!"

While artists, chefs, foodies, writers and friends wandered around tasting local food, drinking local hard cider, and buying OFF products we set up shop on the porch where Jake broke down two sides of the most beautiful hog (a Tamworth) he has ever had the pleasure of cutting. All evening guests watched and asked questions about the pig, B+B and OFF as Jake custom cut and tied the pork and Silka wrapped it off. Then off they went, to test the product themselves!

The evening was a huge success and we can’t wait to join in for another!  HUGE thanks Old Field Farm!!

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