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While we've waxed plenty poetic about our newly close vicinity to free-ranging animals and bountiful backyard veggies, we've haven't much mentioned the other reason we jumped off the urban cliff: the rich Berkshire community of food-lovers and makers. Between Jake's job at the Meat Market and Silka's at the Berkshire Botanical Garden, we've been so lucky to meet a wide-ranging - and often overlapping - group of like-minded residents. And what's more, we've dug into a flourishing local food information infrastructure with groups like Berkshire Grown and Berkshire Farm & Table, blogs like The Locavore Way and publications like the brand new edibleBerkshires.

We've always admired Edible Communities, so having our first published article grace the pages of the first published edibleBerkshires was like a dream come true. Luckily it's a free publication because we've been handing out dog-eared issues left and right! It's also compelled us to add a "Published" page to this blog. There you'll find links to our published work, places we've been featured and our Guest Blogger spots. We hope you'll check it out and see what we've been up to!

Big thanks to Bruce at edibleBerkshires and to all the other bloggers and journalists who have supported us thus far!

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