5 Days of Christmas: Christmas Dinner

As per usual, Christmas has come and gone in a flash! So much wonderful food was eaten, given and got, that we'd be remiss not to post a few shout-outs over this next week. First up - our fantastic Christmas Eve and Day meals with our wonderful families... 

As is Swedish custom, we had a Christmas Eve feast with Silka's family. The three-course meal started with home-cured gravlax, home-picked sweet dill cucumbers, and home-made limpa bread along with knäckebröd, deviled eggs and lots of cheese. Swedish meatballs (made with beef, lamb and pork from Dickson's), a smoked Flying Pigs Ham, and Janssons Temptation (basically a potato gratin with onions and anchovies) made up the second course followed by traditional Swedish cookies, presents and caroling.

That night, stuffed, we drove to Western Mass so we could wake up to a Christmas morning breakfast of hot chocolate, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, croissants and a Christmas Tree-shaped coffee cake. After opening presents, a hike and some major napping, we filled up on a classic Standing Rib Roast, root vegetables, salad and more and more cookies!

Big thanks to both of our loving families for another perfect holiday!

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