5 Days of Christmas: Holiday Sweet Breads

Traditionally saffron bread is served to parents on St. Lucia's Day (December 13th) by the eldest daughter, wearing a crown of candles and singing songs. While we aren't nearly that hard-core, we love this sweet bread so much that we use every Christmas as an excuse to make it. Silka has baked the bright orange bread many times before, but it's really her mom who's the pro. This year Tina really ran with it, baking a beautiful loaf and enough formed buns to freeze for later.

And on the 23rd, we got an extra treat from our very close friend Mark, who surprised Silka at work with a beautiful homemade Panettone bread. She brought it home and we promptly broke into the fluffy, fruit-dotted loaf. It was such a treat and the perfect thing to get us in the spirit. Thanks, Mark!

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