5 Days of Christmas: Handmade Gifts

More and more each year, handmade gifts are the centerpiece of Silka's family's Christmases, and not surprisingly, these gifts are often food. This year we handed out Nigella Lawson's totally perfect granola packaged in beautiful Weck Jars with a custom B+B label - a small but sweet token.

But it was Silka's aunt Diane (of Dumb Duck Farms) who really outdid herself. She gifted us a beautiful and bountiful basket of homemade canned preserves, jellies and sauces, home-tapped maple syrup, and chocolate goodies - not to mention kitchen linens and a subscription to Heirloom Gardener! Silka's parents received the same basket but rather than a subscription, theirs came with a gift certificate for baby chicks in the spring! We don't know when did we all turned so homestead-y, but we love it!

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